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A Woman Named Carola


The Intellectual War


Dividing Jerusalem: Capitulation or Pragmatism?

The Art of the Intellectual War


The Temple Mount: Radical Islam’s Twisted Trump Card in Its Holy War Against Israel
The Road Not Taken

My Miagi Moment

On the Serenity Prayer

The Third Law

Sex, Guns & Chutzpah


Two Suitcases




On Failure


Intellectual War Crimes Against Israel


The Medium Is the Message


My Brother's Keeper


Evil: Beyond Banality


Anti-Anxiety Nation


Waiting for Dylan


Lose Yourself

Solipsism Now


Tragedy & Triumph


Israelis & War


The Lesson of Israel's Existentialism


Machine Guns & Teddy Bears


Highlights (and the Lowdown) of an Israeli Odyssey


A Reformed Jew


The Power of One


The Audacity of Chutzpah


Of Hate & Hope




Finding Moses


Chabad, the Heat & the Street


Anti-Semitic Vs. Anti-Israel


The 'Us Vs. Them' Conundrum


The Measure of a Jew


King of Pain


Feeding the Goldren Calf


Feast, Famine & Family


Carola's Messenger


Psychic Compost


Why I Write


Toxic People

Fear, Loathing (and Hope) in Ukraine


A (Confused) Yankee in Abraham's Desert


The Scorpion & the Frog


Celebrating Celebrity Celluloid

Authenticity Vs. Superficiality


Wall Street Spring


Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself